Social network SEO practices

As an agency it is our responsibility to stay on the edge of what is happening in internet marketing, and with regard to SEO and social media (my current specialities) this means understanding the whole online landscape, how it is developing, and what this means for how our current …

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Video and SEO – A match made in heaven

There are many ways video can transform SEO campaigns. Here are just a few ideas that are worth there weight in SEO gold dust: Link juice and clicks.

So…video and SEO, here are the insights:

1. Get video listings within the universal search SERP’s page. This can increase click-through rates by …

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What is Google Places and Why is it Important?

Google Places is an introduction by Google to page one search results. When Google identifies a user as searching for a location-based result, usually triggered by place names such as ‘London’ or ‘New York’ appearing in the search term, Google will include a Maps summary next to the main …

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Brief Look at Search Engine Spiders – Information & Best Practices

If you are at all interested in utilising search engines for increasing your website’s online visibility you really should take some time out to understand and prepare for their ‘spiders’. Also known as ‘bots’ or ‘crawlers’, search engine spiders are specially created software programs designed to move through the …

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The Changing Face of Google

Keeping tabs on a site’s Google search rank is a fundamental part of the SEO industry. Jostling for positions on a search engine result page (SERPs) with the usual competitors, whilst simultaneously keeping a close eye on emerging adversaries, is an age old past-time for SEO enthusiasts. But whilst …

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Google & Social Media

Whilst the general consensus is the future of SEO lies at the door of Google and Bing (although the jury is still ‘out’ on the latter), there is strengthening doubt regarding using SEO as the only strategy to adopt for a campaign. No longer is it just the search …

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Paid Search Marketing, Understanding It

Clients are often in with the mindset that paid search marketing, and search to a degree, works like a tap, turn the valve to let more water through; spend more to get more sales. To an extent this works, but there are implications and by-products of this mentality.

In the spirit …

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Should Your SEO Efforts Support Mobile Devices?

Today’s online businesses are often focussed on static websites and blogs. The people behind these businesses are interested in technology, with an emphasis on list building, affiliate marketing and search engine optimisation. The audience these companies are targeting are sitting at their desks.

All this is fine, you know your …

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Google news personalised search; too personal?

At the beginning of the month, Google announced they would be bringing its personalised search service to another one of its search mediums; Google news. The way I see it, Google sees it’s personalised search facility as a point of differentiation to other search providers.

A problem which would arise …

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Coat Tailing on the buzz and adding to the story.

The challenge for any company that is involved in social media and SEO is simple; how do they get involved in the buzz. When trying to project a brand forwards, whether though social media or purely SEO, the hardest part is to integrate your brand in online dialogue to …

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