The Next 12 Months in Search Ranking Influences

As the landscape of search continually and rapidly changes it is vital to look to the future and establish, when possible, where the next changes are coming from. Looking at the next 12 months and the immediate future of search shows us certain ranking factors appear to be increasing …

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2011 Digital Futures – #1 Social Commerce

There is little doubt 2010 was the year of social media with Facebook overtaking Google as the web’s most popular site – not to mention an Oscar-tipped film being released – while Twitter became ubiquitous and its influence in circulating news (and gossip) became clear.

With these mediums and more …

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Strategy after Panda

Google’s Panda Update was launched in the UK on April 13th 2011. It was, as you probably know, designed to further root out low quality websites and subsequently improve ranking results and user satisfaction. Its launch at the time saw roughly 12% of search results affected by the update and …

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SEO Strategy For Video

Utilising video is a great way to gain exposure and expand your reach further. It is also a great way to drive traffic to your site, build links, own more real estate in the SERPs and gain video postings within the blended search results.

You can post videos onsite, offsite …

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Online Reputation Campaign

Reputation management, also known as reverse SEO, is an important online marketing strategy designed to help deal with negative publicity online. Negative publicity can appear in a variety of instances but typically it is seen as blog posts, forum comments and online articles.

Negative publicity in the search engine result pages …

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The Importance of Being a Blogger

Blogs can become a useful element of any online marketing campaign so long as a couple of rules are followed and a good amount of time is invested. Blogs can help your website get good recognition and they do have a significant importance in the eyes of search engines.

Firstly, …

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The World is your S.E.Oyster – 4 creative tips for international SEO

As the world’s shoppers move online, an exciting global market is forming which is more accessible than ever before. Ten years ago, expanding into a new national market meant huge start-up costs for marketing, research and new offices. This kept foreign markets out the reach of most small and …

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Sitelinks in google

Sitelinks were designed to help users quickly and efficiently navigate a website from within search engine result pages (SERPs). The purpose of this is to save time and make the search experience faster and more user friendly.

Featuring on Google for a while now, sitelinks have evolved and have slowly …

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Why are SEO Agencies so Effective?

Businesses all over the globe are becoming increasingly interested in Search Engine Optimisation, captivated by its many methods for engaging with target markets and resultant huge potential for rewards. Timely implementation of well thought out SEO strategies can bring large quantities of targeted traffic, drastically improved branding and sales. …

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How do I Create International Versions of My Website?

Suppose you see great chasms of unused marketing space abroad in other countries and just know you want that success, and fast. Even if good competition exists you still think success can be made. You’re going to need to create international websites, honed to their location, many of them …

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