SEO and Social Media – Why You Need Both

SEO - jealous of Social Media?

Social Media is the shiny new toy in the toy box, but is there still room for your favourite SEO toy?

The apparent war between SEO and Social Media Marketing has been a high profile topic for the past few months. One particular article from the Guardian stated that ‘SEO …

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12 SEO Warfare Tactics: Attack and Defence

SEO Warfare

There is no avoiding war; it can only be postponed to the advantage of others (Niccolo Machiavelli)

Don’t try this at home kids. I don’t advocate the use of hostile SEO under any circumstances. And I’m not about to reveal anything really dangerous or secret here.

But it is important for brands …

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5 Key Points for an SEO Audit

A full SEO audit can take weeks for a large website. But you can quickly and easily check some of the most important and actionable SEO factors. So there’s no excuse to put it off any longer!

Your links, likes and tweets
Your best competitors’ links, likes and tweets
Your URLs or web …

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Stop Looking For the SEO “Magic Pill”

SEO Magic Pill

“What’s the Secret to Getting #1 in Google?”

“How Do I Increase My PageRank In a Month?”

“Is It Possible To Pay For a Number One Spot?”

“How Can I Get a Million High Quality Links in a Few Months?”

“How Can I Outsource My SEO Campaign to India for £100?”

If you take …

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10 Reasons SEO Agencies Do Better SEO (infographic)


Some in-house SEO professionals are excellent but smart brands hire a good SEO agency. These are the main reasons why an agency is best for your brand:

1. Superior strategic leadership
Engaging a good agency with an experienced Head of SEO (or Head of Search) is like hiring an expensive in-house …

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SEO has changed…but has it really changed that much?

Anyone in the SEO industry who has had their finger on the pulse of the digital marketing blogosphere over the past 12 months could be forgiven for thinking that they’ll be out of a job soon. While proclamations such as “SEO is dead” have been around as long as …

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8 SEO Tips for Startups

Eight top SEO tips for new businesses.

Starting a business can be daunting and building a strong online presence from nothing can seem almost impossible in the early days. Success requires a heady mix of technology and marketing expertise from the outset.

Here are eight simple but very powerful things you can do to help your business …

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Directory Submissions for SEO: The Only Guide You Need

Good Web Directories

Directory submissions aren’t dead. In fact building links from high quality, localised and industry relevant directories might just be one of the most overlooked tactics in the modern SEO’s repertoire.

When many people think of directories, they think of spammy link submission sites – the type of directories that will …

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4 Reasons to Invest in Content (infographic)

Why Invest In Content for Marketing? (infographic)

Whatever your business, there are four compelling reasons to invest a significant portion of your marketing effort into the generation and promotion of good content tailored for your audience:

1. Content is essential for SEO
In fact, tailored content based on an understanding of your audience is the most important part of SEO. Search engines …

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4 Major Link Building Dangers and SEO Errors (infographic)

4 Major Link Building Dangers

When a site already ranks for a keyword you’re targeting

Make sure you:

Target the same URL that’s already ranking: not the homepage, or another page you think could rank – unless the other page is more relevant
Target the exact same URL format Google is showing. If there’s a slash at …

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