Working with CHICKS Charity

The team here at Digivate are delighted to be working together with children’s charity: CHICKS. We wanted to gain some more experience working with charities and we felt that the partnership with CHICKS would work well and be mutually beneficial.

CHICKS provide respite breaks to disadvantaged children across the UK. …

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2014 SEO News Round-Up: The Year in Review

So Many Pandas!

2014 is coming to a close and as the year ends we thought we’d take a look at the biggest SEO news stories of the past 12 months.

As usual, first up it’s the
Algorithm Updates
Each year the Algorithm updates dominate chatter amongst marketers as we work to anticipate the upcoming …

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How To Win SEO Clients With Email SPAM

After years of receiving SPAM emails, we feel like we’ve gotten pretty good at creating the perfect online pitch. These are all real emails Digivate have received this year.

You’re an SEO expert, you’ve tried all the tricks in the book to win new clients, but you still can’t convince …

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3 Reasons Why Google’s Penalty Madness Must End

What is a Google Penalty?
Google uses links to measure the topic and value of pages on the web and it was perhaps inevitable that some people would build links to pages they wanted to do well in search results, in an attempt to manipulate those results.

Google’s algorithm has been capable …

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SEO & Digital Marketing News Roundup – January 2014

Hey everyone! I’ve been in the habit lately of collating all the monthly SEO and digital marketing news for the benefit of both our team and clients.

People seem to like this (separating the wheat from the chaff can be a mammoth task for a lot of people), so I’ve …

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Local SEO – A Step By Step Guide to Ruling Your Turf!

If you are a small business operating in a fixed location and you are not doing local SEO, you’re missing out big time. The number of localised searches conducted on personal computers has been steadily on the increase for years now, but the rapid spread of mobile technology has …

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Title and Meta Description Length Tool


Good titles and meta descriptions are essential for SEO. But creating effective and keyword-optimised ones can be tedious and challenging.

In particular, it can be tricky to make everything just the right character-length while trying to include all the information you hoped for.

I use this simple Excel spreadsheet which makes …

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10 Ways to Integrate Search, Social and Content

SEO, PPC, Social media and Content working together

Many SEO, PPC and Social Media teams work in isolation from each other with little or no integration between campaigns. Communication and coordination between the departments can be very poor if it happens at all.

This an unfortunate situation but it is a common one in brands and agencies alike. …

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TV Advertising vs. Digital Marketing – Infographic


With digital marketing paving the way for modern-day advertising, it’s time television followed their lead. We look at some comparisons between the costs of TV advertising with SEO and PPC campaigns.
So I was watching television the other night and something incredible happened. An amazing plot twist in the new …

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What is Your Agency Doing About Not Provided?

The rapid increase in not provided data in Google Analytics poses many questions for SEO agencies. How can we see how our work has translated into results? How are we able to spot new keyword opportunities? Ultimately, how do we show clients that the work we do provides value?

These …

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