10 Ways to Integrate Search, Social and Content

SEO, PPC, Social media and Content working together

Many SEO, PPC and Social Media teams work in isolation from each other with little or no integration between campaigns. Communication and coordination between the departments can be very poor if it happens at all.

This an unfortunate situation but it is a common one in brands and agencies alike. …

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TV Advertising vs. Digital Marketing – Infographic


With digital marketing paving the way for modern-day advertising, it’s time television followed their lead. We look at some comparisons between the costs of TV advertising with SEO and PPC campaigns.
So I was watching television the other night and something incredible happened. An amazing plot twist in the new …

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Mobile is all about Location Location Location!

Paid Search

As the age old Real Estate aphorism goes it’s all about Location, Location, Location!

With “Advertising spend at £23.12 per mobile internet user in the UK in 2012” (eMarketer, 2013), “smart phone sales at 491.4 million units in 2011” (IDC, 2012), and “45% of internet users using mobile phones to …

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6 Simple Steps to Boost PPC Performance

Boost PPC Performance with Ad Extensions

If you’re wondering how to take your pay-per-click search engine marketing campaign to the next level then Google Adwords Ad Extensions may help. Ad Extensions provide extra information on your traditional PPC ads that give potential customers more reasons to click on your ads – such as more website …

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6 Ways to Help your PPC Agency

6 Ways to Help your PPC Agency

Every business would welcome continual growth in sales from PPC (pay per click) search engine marketing campaigns.

As the client of a PPC (search engine marketing) agency you have the power to help your agency achieve stronger results from your PPC campaign. It is essential that you, your marketing team …

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2012 has been a great year for PPC. Let’s get ready for 2013

2012 has been another year of strong grow for pay-per-click advertising. The main characters on the stage are still the same. Google is comfortably the leader of the market while the Bing and Yahoo’s ‘Search Alliance’ is starting (slowly) to catch up. Facebook has been experimenting new features and …

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Is PPC the Right Channel For You?

Is PPC the Right Channel For You

Do you have a transactional website that could benefit from more exposure through Paid Search Marketing (PPC)? If so, the good news is that everyone can do PPC. It doesn’t require a huge initial investment, it’s a very flexible channel (a campaign can be paused in a matter of seconds) …

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How To Map Your Ad Groups For Easy PPC Campaign Optimisation (infographic)

Impr vs CR ver C

Many impressions but no conversions or good conversion rate but few impressions? Here’s how to classify your PPC Ad Groups to help your decision-making process when optimising a campaign. Simply take into consideration two metrics: the number of monthly impressions and the Conversion Rate.
Step 1
Think about what you consider …

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Google Shopping: what’s new for advertisers?

As sponsored results continue taking over more and more space on the search engine results pages (SERPs) another small revolution is going to change the way merchants approach their SEM strategies.
In May 2012 Google announced that Google Product Search will transition to a “commercial model” built on Product Listing …

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A Short Guide to LinkedIn PPC Ads

If the goal of your PPC campaigns is to acquire new B2B clients or to build brand awareness targeting key decision makers , LinkedIn, with its 120M worldwide members and 7.9M decision makers, is a valid alternative to Search Engines and Facebook.

Linkedin Ads platform is less sophisticated than AdWords, …

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