The Discussion Around the Effectiveness of the AMP – Digital Marketing Roundup

Search Ad specializations have expired?

Several agencies with Google Partner status received an email saying that they had lost their Search Ads specialization, and they would have to retake their exams.

This is due to a bug and according to Gianpaolo Lorusso, an Italy-based digital marketer, it was a global bug …

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Top 5 Benefits of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

What is AMP?
Accelerated Mobile Pages (we’ll call it AMP from now on) is a global initiative with one major goal; faster mobile websites. This new project brings a new coding language (AMP HTML) to the table which works by restricting code to increase loading speed and reliability. At the …

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2014 PPC News Round Up – The year in paid search

As 2015 has just arrived, let’s take a look back on some of the most important news stories over the past year in paid search:

Adwords Editor 11 Arrives!

In early December, Google announced via their livestream that they would be launching Adwords Editor 11. Google states 11.0 is “the biggest …

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Top 10 Most Creative PPC Campaigns of All Time!

PPC doesn’t have to be boring!

In the data driven world of paid search it’s easy to forget how to be creative. A fun, innovative and well executed PPC campaign can work wonders for your business. I’ve researched and compiled 10 of the most creative paid search campaigns of all …

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20 Link Building Opportunities for a New Website

Launching a new website in 2015? Congratulations! Although launching a new site can be a slightly stressful experience, it can also be tremendously exciting. There are few better feelings in business or life than going from nothing to something overnight. In effect, this is exactly what happens when you …

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Local SEO – A Step By Step Guide to Ruling Your Turf!

If you are a small business operating in a fixed location and you are not doing local SEO, you’re missing out big time. The number of localised searches conducted on personal computers has been steadily on the increase for years now, but the rapid spread of mobile technology has …

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What is Your Agency Doing About Not Provided?

The rapid increase in not provided data in Google Analytics poses many questions for SEO agencies. How can we see how our work has translated into results? How are we able to spot new keyword opportunities? Ultimately, how do we show clients that the work we do provides value?

These …

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New EU Cookie Law – How To Comply

EU Cookie Law

A new UK law governing cookies will be enforced by the government from May 26th 2012. It has already been law for a year.

The new cookie legislation has implications for your website, your use of Google Analytics, and possibly your approach to email marketing.

This article explains everything you need to …

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Back to Base-ics – Google Base Optimisation

Google Shopping gives E-commerce sites a hugely valuable opportunity to get on the first page real estate of SERPs, especially for the more competitive terms. With universal search, Google’s shopping results will often appear above the fold on the first page of search results. Get your Base Feed optimised …

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Mobile – The Growth Of Online

If Search = Money… We’d Want To Be Found?

The internet has made us an information hungry generation, and for the past 12-15 years has changed the way we do everything in our everyday lives. Our need to ‘find’ the information we are looking for on the internet has lead …

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