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The impact of consumer targeted emails varies depending on the time they are sent. With resources going into the creation of imaginative campaigns, marketers want to be sure they are sending emails at the optimal time for the specific content they contain. Previously, the morning was statistically the best time to send an email, as this is when most emails are opened. However recent studies suggest that depending on your goal, the morning period may not be the best time for your particular campaign, so when is? The following is a breakdown of the times to target.

6am-10am – With the start of the day comes a good time to reach consumers. As people check personal emails before the start of the working day they allow themselves to be distracted before the day truly gets rolling.

10am-12pm – With most workers now focused on the day ahead, little attention is given to promotional emails with most choosing to work. Subsequently this is not the best time for promotional emails.

12pm-2pm – With lunch comes a catch-up on personal emails, news, magazine sites and social networking sites. People look for light entertainment making this a good time to send emails such as magazine e-alerts.

2pm-3pm –The immediate period after lunch is still productive for work and most consumers remain focused on work.

3pm-5pm – As the day draws to a close, attention spans drop and consumers start to think about their personal situations. Emails related to financial services and property have a higher success rate between 3pm -5pm then at any other time and this is definitely the time frame you should be focussing on if you are active in these areas.


5pm-7pm – With the working day nearly done and energy levels dropping, more consumers look for distraction. Holiday emails as well as B2B promotions are the types of emails that get a great deal more attention during these hours of the day.

7pm-10pm – With work finished, consumers are much more likely to respond to consumer promotions, with a study by Pure 360 showing 23% of consumer-related emails are opened during this time. Discounts and special offers do particularly well during this period.

10pm-6am – A great deal of emails sent at this time are ineffective. As consumers are not awake and active, these emails have more chance of being buried.

Get the most out of your email marketing campaigns by selecting the time frame with the highest success rate for your audience.

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