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Tired of second guessing character length?

We’ve all been in that position before. You write a great sounding ad and include all the information you want to, with a great sales pitch and encouraging call to action, only then to come to the realisation that you’ve overstepped the boundaries with your character count. Pretty annoying right? Because you then have to go back and make the necessary amendments just to make sure you fit the bill.

Need a solution?

Look no further! The Digivate character count tool is a simple spreadsheet which makes managing character count a lot more straightforward and simple.


Download the PPC character count tool here


The limit for titles/headlines is 25 characters. This is the first line of your ad and the one that will draw attention, so you must make it noticeable. Because people are more likely to pay attention to things that are closely related to their search query, it may be a good idea to include keywords in your title. Another useful trick is to use a dynamic insertion tag, which looks like this: {Keyword: insert text}

The concept is quite simple. You are likely to be advertising either some sort of product or service when you are writing your ads. You would have already undertaken some sort of keyword research and put together a list of words that should trigger your ad when people search that term. Placing a dynamic insertion in the headline just means that if anybody searches using a term or phrase from your list, that particular term now becomes the headline. Earlier we mentioned the fact that people notice things most relevant to their search right? Nothing will seem more relevant than an ad with a headline that is exactly or almost identical to what they typed in!

Description lines

On the Google network, you are given two description lines, each of which has a maximum character count of 35. On other search engines it may vary slightly, and you may have 1 line of 70 characters or so. These are the lines of the ad where you describe the product or service. Once your headline has drawn attention, the description lines are what encourage the person to click the ad to find out more. It’s important to take into consideration that you will have different kinds of consumer viewing your ad, and changing the body of text to accommodate the variety is a good idea. Some may be more concerned with getting good value for their money, so perhaps you could highlight special offers and promotions encouraging customers to purchase before they end.

Other customers may be a bit more sceptical about spending money, and will need reassuring. In such an instance, including information about money back guarantees, returns policies and deliveries would work well to build trust and reliability.

Display URL

This is the address of the website you’re advertising. Google shows up to 35 characters of the display URL, just like each of the description lines. If the Display URL is longer than the maximum character length, then it’ll be shortened when the ad is shown. Keep it simple, straightforward and relevant so the customer knows exactly where the ad will take them once they’ve clicked on the link.

I hope the ad copy generator tool helps you to manage your ads more effectively, and hopefully the information included in this blog post is quite helpful.

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