6 Simple Steps to Boost PPC Performance

Boost PPC Performance with Ad Extensions

If you’re wondering how to take your pay-per-click search engine marketing campaign to the next level then Google Adwords Ad Extensions may help.  Ad Extensions provide extra information on your traditional PPC ads that give potential customers more reasons to click on your ads – such as more website …

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Top 10 Online Marketing Posts of the Week

Top 10 Online Marketing Posts

It’s hard to keep up with the internet’s constant supply of content, thus to help make life easier for all the webmasters and online marketers out there Digivate has provided the pick of the online marketing content this week. Enjoy.

1.  Smartphones have taken over

The use of smartphones continues …

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4 Reasons to Invest in Content (infographic)

Why Invest In Content for Marketing? (infographic)

Whatever your business, there are four compelling reasons to invest a significant portion of your marketing effort into the generation and promotion of good content tailored for your audience:

1. Content is essential for SEO
In fact, tailored content based on an understanding of your audience is the most important part of SEO. Search engines …

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4 Major Link Building Dangers and SEO Errors (infographic)

4 Major Link Building Dangers

When a site already ranks for a keyword you’re targeting

Make sure you:

Target the same URL that’s already ranking: not the homepage, or another page you think could rank – unless the other page is more relevant
Target the exact same URL format Google is showing. If there’s a slash at …

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