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British mobile users will soon have to align themselves to a tech giant, as both Google and Apple are setting their sights on the lucrative mobile advertising market.

Google boss Eric Schmidt recently announced the company will be following a “mobile-first approach” and prioritising investment in a rapidly growing sector that is becoming “fundamental to everything we do”.

In Apples corner, is the iAds platform, which was launched onto the mobile advertising market by Steve Jobs earlier this year. Jobs claims the iAds platform will allow developers to produce “free and low-cost apps to delight users” by allowing revenue to be generate from interactive video ads hosted within applications.

The battle isn’t expected to reach fruition until September, the time The Guardian reports as when the iAd platform will hit the UK, while Google – owner of the world’s other largest mobile ad network – is working on making its own splash across the mobile web.

Ian Carrington, Google Europe, Middle East and Africa’s director of mobile ad sales explained Google is focussing its efforts on a results-based approach for mobile devices. Carrington gave an example in which a mobile user is reading a book review in a cafe; “The accompanying ad will understand its context.

“It will know what book is being discussed in that review. You’ve also got GPS in most smartphones now, so your handset can tell you that the book is £5.99 in a shop 100 yards away, £4.99 in a shop a mile away.”

Whilst Apple and Google are divided by their differing approaches to mobile advertising, they are united in their desire to hold onto a large share of revenue generated through their respective platforms. Apple’s plans involve the app developers receiving 60 per cent of the revenue generated through ads on their applications,

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